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Written on 08/26/2015 by Rick Faeth
Another beautiful late summer evening highlighted Jake’s Performance Hobbies Night Saturday at Petaluma Speedway with the Pit Stop USA Winged 360’s in force with a fine field of 18 cars time trialing.  Former track champion Bradley Terrell emerged fastest with a 12.605 fast lap.  Vallejo’s Zack Lynskey and Auburn’s Andy Forsberg gathered in the pair of heat race preliminaries.  Forsberg and Roberto Kirby led the field to the start of the 25 lap feature with a pair of initial starts misfiring.  Through three circuits it was Forsberg over Kirby, Joe Stornetta, Billy Aton, and Jason Toft.  Terrell started a march forward from his 4th row starting berth which was interrupted by an Ivan Worden flip in turn one on lap 7.    Several additional cautions mid-race eliminated Aaron Miller and Trevor Schmid.  By lap 10 Terrell was nipping at the heels of Stornetta as Forsberg continue to lead.  A pair of...

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