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Written on 09/29/2015 by Rick Faeth
PETALUMA, CA – Sept 26 by Petersen Media & Rick Faeth- An extremely tight three-headed Civil War Series Championship battle tightened up even more after Saturday night’s stop in Petaluma, CA, as reigning series champ, Shane Golobic, was dominant in route to his second win of the season. Colby Copeland and Shane Golobic would lead the field to green on an old-school, hooked up Petaluma Speedway, with Copeland getting the jump and getting off to a nice lead.  With the leaders moving at a blistering pace, traffic would come into play by lap five, and making a slight hiccup in turns three and four Copeland would open the door, and Golobic would seize the opportunity to take command of the race and lead before the red flew on lap nine.  Following a pair of yellows on the ensuing restart and on lap 10, Golobic would continue to lead the way but...

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