A pleasant sunshine filled evening with a welcoming grandstand and a customary fast Adobe track greeted round #2 of the California State Civil War Series at Petaluma Speedway Saturday Night. The race night sponsored by O-Reilly Auto Parts saw impressive youngster Jake Haulot thrill the local patrons with a fast time effort of 12.529 (107.750 mph) eclipsing the 34 car field. The four heat race format saw: Brett Rollag, Billy Aton, Eric Humphries, and Justin Sanders collect the ten lap preliminary events. The 18-car semi main event got off to a ragged start when the field checked up after a lap one caution. Overturning hard on the front straightaway was Kenny Drew, and exiting the turn one track ramp was Clayton Snow. Nether driver sustained injury however Snow’s car sustained extreme damage. At the conclusion of the 12-lapper it was Haulot with the victory over, Andy Forsberg, Bradley Terrell, Ivan Worden, and a pair of second generation pilots Nick Rescino Jr. and Kirt Organ. The 30-lap feature paired three-time Petaluma track champion Alissa Geving and Marysville hot shoe Jeremy Burt on the front row. Several lap one attempts saw chaos envelope. Local favorite Geoff Ensign’s #5v Van Lare Family mount was damaged and retired after one circuit. Finally getting the better of Burt was Geving in her A1A Performance Muffler #3x who found the bottom groove to her liking. Lap two saw Shane Golobic jump past Burt for second and Forsberg ascend to fourth. A lap three tangle involved Aton, Rollag, Adam Brenton, and Chase Johnson. A series of short green flag bursts were sprinkled among various additional cautions leading up to Koen Shaw losing a wheel on lap 10. Three drivers on the move from the back of the pack mid-race were: Terrell, Sean Becker, and Justin Sanders. Terrell moved as high as fourth and started a wheel-to-wheel battle with Becker. Lap 21 saw an uncharacteristic single car spin caution by Forsberg and him re-joining the back of the pack. Through all the restarts it was Geving looking to notch her first ever Civil War victory. However, exiting turn four on lap 26 Geving’s front end washed out slightly and that allowed the closely stalking Golobic to initiate the winning pass. It was a happy Golobic crew who celebrated with Geving netting a fine runner-up over veteran Colby Wiesz, point leader Becker, and Pit Stop USA point leader Terrell.
The Petaluma Speedway Dwarf cars showed up in force with a fine field of 21 competitors. Heat races were garnered by: Mark Biscardi, defending track champion John Peters, and veteran Adam Johnson. The 25-lap feature saw visiting Eric Weisler with the early advantage. Not to be out-shown was visiting buddy Biscardi who blasted by for the lead on lap 4. Wiesler struggled to maintain position as Peters made the runner up pass on lap 9. Entering the fray mid-race was Travis Dutra, and with five laps remaining Scooter Gomes made and exciting run. At the Scott Erwin twin-checkers it was the always fast Bidcardi, over Peters, Weisler, Dutra, and Gomes.
Petaluma Speedway will be back in action this Saturday Night with both the Pit stop USA Winged 360’s and Spec Sprints, along with the Lumberjack Restaurant Super Stocks, Carr Racing Chassis Modifieds, and Mini Stock Divisions. For more information please go to www.petaluma-speedway.com.