Brent Blackwood captured his first ever Lumberjack Restaurant Super Stock Race last Saturday Night, May 10th on Victory Chevrolet and Autoworld Dodge, Jeep, & Chrysler Night at Petaluma Speedway.  Blackwood's #34 performed as sharp as it looked as a solid field of super stocks challenged the tricky 3/8th's mile oval in conjunction with the King of the West 410 Sprint Car Series.  Blackwood and points leader Steve Studebaker both captured preliminary heat race wins.  In the feature Blackwood wasted little time in marching to the front.  Displacing Anthony Matthias for the top spot within a handful of laps.  Two-groove racing was the recipe behind the leader as Shawn McCoy, Matthias, and rapidly improving Matt While all took turns battling for the runner-up spot.  Sadly Matthias' night ended with grinding wall contact on the front stretch.  At the conclusion of the 25 lapper it was Studebaker chasing Blackwood followed by While in third, over Trevor Brady, and veteran Larry Drew.